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Oriental Design Styles

Category : Interior Design

In its purest form, the exotic Oriental design style provides a tranquil background to a busy life and, with its minimalist methods, offers a highly fashionable style. Collecting can provide a wonderful excuse to visit some of the most beautiful parts of the world or even prompt a trip to a local Chinatown.

A flooring of jute, sisal or coir makes an excellent background for oriental artifacts. Either fit the material to close cover or make up as an area rug on a wooden floor.

An old, hand-carved fretwork door makes an interesting and practical coffee table when supported on four sturdy brown jars and covered with a sheet of glass.

A folding fretwork screen, fixed to the wall, forms a highly decorative bed head.

Pinoleum and cane blinds are a solution to window dressing. Their natural construction and tailored finish make them a perfect choice.

Large metal tea caddies and ceramic ginger jars, when converted, make excellent table lamps. Any lanterns with an oriental feel to them would also be suitable. If you are on a tight budget, a large round paper lantern can be purchased for very little money.

A ceiling fan (perhaps one that incorporates a light) is very evocative of the East and will be especially welcome on hot summer days.

Typical oriental blue-and-white china in the form of plates, jars, bowls and vases is widely available. For impact buy big and group closely together on top of a piece of furniture in the eighteenth-century manner.

Garden centers sell all manner of garden pots imported from the East. Bring these indoors and arrange differing sizes and shapes together. A tall one might even be used as an umbrella stand.

The most beautiful kites in the world come from the Orient. Created from fabric or paper in all shapes and sizes, these make a colorful statement when attached to a wall or hung from a ceiling – an especially suitable form of decoration for a child’s bedroom or playroom.

A collection of coolie hats takes on a highly decorative quality if hung on a wall in a group. Focused lighting will bring their textures to life.

The kimono is a beautiful garment. Displayed on a wall (say, above a stairway) and supported by a bamboo pole through the arms, this can bring color to an otherwise dead area.

A mosquito net with ring support, available from some chain stores or holiday resorts, can be used as a delicate and inexpensive drape for a bed. Simply fix it to a hook attached to the ceiling above the bed.

Orchids and bird-of-paradise flowers have the necessary delicacy and sculptural profile to qualify for this theme. Blossoms also are characteristic. Whatever blooms are selected, they should be arranged carefully with great dedication and artistry.

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Modern Interior Design Ideas

Category : Interior Design


Every modern interior design decision is an opportunity, not a problem – not an easy dictate to follow when your house is in chaos, your partner is asking for the umpteenth time when it will all be over and when every item of clothing you own is covered in a thick layer of dust. To say this makes interior room design a lot less fun is an understatement at the very least.

However, if you can keep the thought that “modern interior design is an opportunity” at the forefront of your thinking, creating with your house interior design ideas will once again become the pleasurable process it should be.

It is so easy to lose sight of the purpose of home interior design and for the whole process to become a major worry. Will the new carpet wear well? Does it go with the sofa? How deep should the curtain pelmet be and what sort of house lighting is needed in a dining room?

Think Of Comfort In Your Modern Interior Design Ideas

One of the most important elements of modern interior design in the truly comfortable room is physical warmth, which in most people’s minds equates with mental warmth. An open fire is of course not necessary – although extremely nice if you are in a position to have one. However, an all-round pleasant temperature certainly is important, coupled with an absence of chilly draughts sliding in through windows and doors. Consider the need for draught excluders, curtains and shutters in your modern interior design ideas – basically whatever you need to make the room a pleasure to be in is within scope.

Once the heating is sorted out, the next aspect of the modern interior design to look at is the seating: comfortable decorating is about the feeling of contentment and ease that it engenders, and also about the physical sensations experienced. Although it may seem obvious, chairs and sofas should be a pleasure to sit on. This is not always a given, and indeed has not always even been seen as a necessity in so many modern interior design ideas and plans.

Any modern interior design mistakes are likely to be expensive or at the very least embarrassing and, rather than failing, when it comes to home interior decorating many people opt for a less-than-exciting choice or for making no decision at all.

It is with just such questions in mind that I started this site about modern interior design ideas, and it is hoped that the contents, where we talk about such things as living room design ideas, will tempt even the most timid to ‘jump in’ and have a go.

Perhaps the most comforting aspect of all interior room design projects is that very often there is no wrong or right way of doing things – just degrees of appropriateness, and so long as the results are pleasing to you, the decision can be deemed to have been successful.

I grew up in an age when contemporary interior design as a profession was in its infancy and the consensus seemed to be that it should be practiced only by those with something called flair. True, a creative talent is of great benefit to the interior room designer, (especially when coming up with kitchen design ideas) but, like riding a bicycle, luxury home designs Perth is a skill that can be learned and, with practice, performed successfully – with or without flair!

Bringing Modern Interior Design Ideas To Life Should Be Fun

The actual process of home interior decorating can become a thoroughly enjoyable one too. Once the method of modern interior design process has been divided into ‘bite-sized’ portions which follow a logical pattern, the whole thing becomes more manageable and, with everything under control, it is possible to have the most enormous amount of fun.

Gathering your interior decorating ideas, including your bedroom interior design ideas, is also a great adventure. No designer, however experienced, knows in advance precisely how a room will take to its new dressing (mp more so than when working with bathroom or wet room design London ideas) – and there is always that tantalizing moment when the last few components are put into place before the exact result is known. Because no two rooms are exactly the same, even the professional designer is sometimes surprised by the results, and what works in one room may not in another. But experimentation is part of the thrill of home interior decorating and few errors of judgment are beyond reprieve, often requiring little more than the juggling of furnishings or an additional coat of paint to put right.

Style is an area of great debate and choosing one for your home can cause dreadful dilemmas. Ideally it should be formed from a combination of the innate style of the building and a reflection of the owner’s taste rather than from the current opinion of the interior design press or what a previous owner has thought fit.

Interior room design is not important in the scheme of life. We can surely get by without it and there are unquestionably much weightier subjects to involve us. Yet formulating your modern interior design ideas and implementing them can be the source of immeasurable pleasure and satisfies that very vital force of nest building that is in all of us. Enjoy it.

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Modern Home Office Design Ideas

Category : Interior Design

The concept of home office design has been brought about the recent and dramatic changes in the way people work, and our attitudes towards protecting the environment. The great technology revolution of the latter part of the twentieth century has impacted upon our lives in no less a way than the industrial revolution on the lives of the people in the mid-nineteenth century. All the commuting, the monolithic head office, the secretaries, the separation from home and family – these embedded life threads are gradually being consigned to the history books. Our concerns for quality of air, of work time and of family life have ensured their demise and created the need for home based working environments and consequently home office design requirements.

The frenetic pace of life in the 21st century means that more and more people are thinking about home office design ideas to convert an area or room of their home, even if it is just a flat surface in a corner, from which we can work, whether it is keeping track of bills and correspondence or writing that next great novel.

But that doesn’t mean to say such a space has to be utilitarian and cold, or to remind you – as the term ‘home office’ can so often do – of grey filing cabinets and dusty Swiss cheese plants. So rather than thinking ‘office’, instead turn your mind to modern home office design ideas of a study. It is an evocative, romantic word that brings to mind a comfortable, quiet room, warm and well lit, with deep armchairs, a pretty desk and walls lined with interesting books and pictures. Although for most of us the realization of such a luxurious room, large and wholly dedicated to our pursuits alone, is but an ideal, there is no reason, even if you can only muster half a wall in a room that also serves another purpose, why the small home office design ideas of a comfortable, satisfying study should not be yours.

Efficient home office design ideas, for many, provide the perfect solution. Comfortable home office furniture permits you to work variable hours to suit your lifestyle and that of your family in agreeable surroundings and ensures that little time is wasted on travel.

Your modern office furniture Sydney and design ideas can create a working area which could adopt many guises depending upon the type of work undertaken and the space available. Whatever the set-up, your home office ideas should offer you the easiest possible method of working. With the working week averaging some forty hours, it is clearly worth spending some time on home office designs and planning the space where it is going to take place.

Modern Home Office Design Ideas For Virtually Any Room

Obviously, the first task in creating your modern home office design ideas is to identify where it could be, and although there may not be a large room available, there may be somewhere smaller – a single bedroom perhaps, or even somewhere almost too small for much else other than storage that could be commandeered. Or other home study ideas may be to look at dead, dark spaces not normally considered as rooms – off the kitchen, beneath a well-proportioned staircase or on a landing; clever home office ideas like contemporary office lighting, coupled with intelligent shelving, can brilliantly transform areas like these. But if all these options fail, last but actually by no means least is a workspace in part of a larger room – kitchen, living room or bedroom, either open or closed; perhaps inside a cupboard that opens to reveal desk space, shelves and essential equipment.

Wherever it is positioned, the key to effective modern home office design ideas is to make this workspace seem a satisfying study and, as so often in the comfortable home, this starts with the concept of order – essential where pieces of paper and folders are concerned – so well thought-out storage is the key, with everything that you need in its place and easily to hand, although not necessarily on view.

The Impact Of Distractions On Home Office Design Ideas

Distractions in the home can come from many directions – interruptions from family members, demands created by other activities happening in the same space, callers at the door and so on. For your office to be productive in these circumstances, you will need some home office solutions that will allow you to isolate yourself to some extent from what is going on around you. This may involve housing the office in a separate building, attaching locks to the door, installing separate telephone lines or even building in some form of soundproofing.

The professional home study designs should reek of efficiency. Not only will this impress the visiting bank manager, business colleagues, representatives and clients, but it will also help you make the transition from domestic to work mode so much more easily. This atmosphere can best be engendered by creating a dedicated work area which is furnished with home office equipment to match and which is not used for any other purpose. The ideal home office design ideas have their own entrance and cloakroom nearby. Coffee-making facilities and comfortable seating for guests are an added bonus.

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Combating Germs: Tips from an Office Executive Cleaning Service

Category : Cleaning

When cold and flu season arrive, it seems as though the work office is the first place to get hit. Employees suddenly become buried beneath a growing pile of wadded-up tissues, half of the office calls in sick on Monday, and the office lounge has become a makeshift nurse’s office complete with chamomile tea, peppermint throat drops, and daytime cold medicine. Believe it or not, it is possible to survive this vicious season intact, and it involves more than stocking up on tissues and Lysol wipes from Costco.

The best way to survive cold and flu season in one piece is by correctly cleaning and sanitizing. Improperly cleaning and sanitizing the office will only waste both your time and your dwindling energy, so make sure that you do it correctly the first time. An office executive cleaning services Brisbane was willing to depart with some of the best-kept office cleaning tips in the industry. So listen up! Here’s the scoop on how to survive the perils of this year’s cold and flu season.

The Best Defense Is an Offense

It’s simply not enough to just wash your hands during cold and flu season; you need to positively scrub them. Jack Brown, an author who holds a Ph.D. and has written several books on how to combat the spread of germs, states, “The scrubbing motion dislodges the organisms from the surface.” To thoroughly cleanse your hands, you should spend roughly 45 seconds washing and scrubbing them. Although this may seem like a lot of time to spend washing your hands, it’s one of the best ways to protect yourself from the rampant cold and flu viruses of the season. In addition to scrubbing your hands while washing, make sure that you wipe down your office desk and workspace daily. Without exception, you should sanitize your workspace every single day with some type of disinfectant. Many companies, such as Clorox and Lysol, make disinfecting wipes that are easy to use for this task.

Use an Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

If you’re confined to your desk for most of the workday, it can be difficult to repel the germs and bacteria swarming around the office. However, using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer every couple of hours is a great way to ensure that you don’t spread germs and bacteria into areas such as your mouth, eyes, or nose. Last but not least, make sure that your office manager hires an office cleaning melbourne service to thoroughly clean the entire office at least once a month.

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Modern Sleigh Beds – For Luxury And Comfort

Category : Home

A comfortable bed is something that we all want, it is very essential so that we have sleep in the correct posture in the right manner. There are many kinds of bed available but not all of them provide you the right kind of comfort and posture that you need while you are sleeping.

If you are looking for a bed that is going to help you in getting both the comfort and the posture then there is nothing better than wooden sleigh beds. These sleigh beds are stylish, modern, and comfortable; it has all the qualities that a person can want in his or her bed. Bed is something essential and we need to relax after the heavy workloads of the day. Apart from providing relaxation these wooden bed also provides some flavours to your bedroom making it look beautiful and gorgeous at the same time. The wooden sleigh beds were manufactured in the United Stated during the 1900s and it became so useful that within 2000s, it became very popular among people and the sale of the product rose to sky heights. Different companies started manufacturing these sleigh beds out of wood.

Sleigh gold coast beds consist of a footboard and headboard, which makes them very attractive; you can rest your feet while sitting or sliding on the bed at the same time you can also sleep and rest. These beds are inspired by French designs which makes them more popular, and we all know that French food and furniture are one of the best is the world. Everyone likes to have the best product at affordable prices, and wooden sleigh beds are affordable. So nest time when you plan to buy a bed consider these beds as your best option.

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Cleaning Floor Tiles A Look At The Process

Category : Cleaning

Polished floor tiles can add a bit of glamour to the interiors of the room. However, just like carpet cleaning Brisbane there is a requirement to indulge in house cleaning activities at regular intervals.

Tiles are resistant to dirt but sand and grit have it in them to dull many a glazed surface.  Therefore, if there are plans to engage in tile cleaning Brisbane it is defiantly a great idea. However, it is a tag complicated and seeking professional help is the correct way to proceed. There are various mixtures, which can be used in the process. The first type can be a mixture of hot water, lemon juice and a vinegar solution. It is however essential to get the mixture right. Once prepared it is important to dip the mop into this solution and clean the floor.

Now this is not the only mixture that is doing the rounds. There are various solutions, which are equally capable of performing the job. In case, it is extremely dirty one can look to mix rubbing alcohol with hot water.  3/4th cup of rubbing alcohol with 1 ½ gallons of hot water is capable of washing many a stain, which otherwise would have been hard to remove. If there are super tough stains then one can look to use hydrogen peroxide and water. One must shake it well and spray it directly on the floor. It is capable of doing a perfect job.

The bathroom is a place, which remains wet quite often. Hence, there are bound to be watermarks on the tiles. Now if there are plans for cleaning bathroom tiles one must again seek professional help as it is only a mixture of hot water and chemical that can make the process easy and hassle free. Warm water with a bit of liquid dish soaping is good enough if the stains are within controllable limits. Now if there are darker patches then a bleach water solution will do the trick.

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Online Interior Design Degrees

Category : Interior Design

The world is becoming a tough place to live. Not because of the damaged ozone layer but more because of the high competition in every field. To overcome this it becomes imperative to have power, not of money as wealth but that of knowledge as wealth. Acquiring in-depth knowledge in the chosen field and also constantly updating it is the biggest challenge in the razor-edge competitive world. For these reasons, online interior design degrees are becoming increasingly more popular.

It is necessary to have an edge over others not only in the knowledge one acquires but also in the way one acquires it. Learning in itself has become a revolution and e-learning is the order of the day. For people who cannot afford to spend hours in the classroom but are greatly interested in learning, the big boon is the online courses available in almost every field of education.

The Online Interior Designing Degrees offered in reputed institutions is the focus of the article. Many institutes offer the Professional Interior designing program where the study material and comprehensive text books are sent by mail and the student has the convenience of choosing his study hours. Exams are usually open book ones thereby reducing the stress and time pressure on the student.

Home study High school program in Interior designing is also offered in some schools. The monthly tuition in these kinds of programs is usually interest free and admission is open throughout the year. The applications for these programs can also be made online without having to step out of their homes.

Many universities offer courses in various aspects of Online Interior Designing Degrees such as basic designing elements, history of the art, sales and marketing aspects of interior design etc. Specialized courses on designing a single room, selecting the right painting colors and antiques in interior designing are also provided in some schools of design.

Some institutions also offer diploma, higher diploma, Associate diploma, Bachelor’s and Masters degree in interior designing online. Separate certification programs in Landscape designing, lighting and color consultancy are also provided wherein personal interaction with tutors over phone, fax or email is also possible.

The Online Interior Designing Degrees usually cover basic topics in drawing, drafting, color and design principles in a Bachelor’s program. Apart from these human aspects, space planning, interior construction elements etc are also touched upon to give a different angle to the interior designing education.

The Online Interior Designing Degrees are usually designed to suit working professionals who cannot spend much time in studying but who have to gain knowledge to stay in business. Therefore the programs are tailor made to provide degrees in just about 18 to 24 months.

Apart from online courses in interior designing as a whole, programs are also available in specific areas such as textile designing, interior space planning, design elements, furnishings, design of fixtures, wall textures and interior lighting designs.

The Online Interior Designing Degrees are thus many in number and can be taken up for a ‘no-class-only-degree’ that suits one and all.