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Machinery & Equipment Painting

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Preserve and protect your hardest-working investments.
The machinery and equipment in your commercial facility represents a vital aspect of your business. When your presses, flare stacks, ovens, or heating and cooling systems start to look dull and shabby, chances are their performance will be affected. Professional coatings can prolong the longevity of your essential machinery.
At Raider Painting, we have extensive experience in a wide variety of commercial and industrial settings, from restaurants to rail yards and beyond. We’ll implement a solution that improves both the function and aesthetics of your equipment—and we’ll schedule the work around your needs, to avoid interruption of your business flow.
How can machinery and equipment painting help you?
Professional coatings for machinery offer a number of benefits. In addition to providing a fresh, pleasing look, coating materials such as epoxy protect structural components, reducing wear and tear and extending the working life of your equipment.
For harsh environments, high temperature coatings can be used to withstand temperatures of up to 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit. Chemical resistant coatings provide further protection. To safeguard outdoor equipment, UV-resistant top coats can be used to retain color and prevent erosion of the substrate coating.
Labeling is another important function of machinery and equipment painting, as vital components can be color-coded for safety and operational purposes.
The experts at Raider Painting will work with you to determine your needs and recommend the best course of action for coating your machinery. We understand that as a business, you need to remain operational, so we’ll schedule your project around your working hours and shutdown times, including nights, weekends, and holiday work.
See our work in action.
At the Marriot Hotel, we used a durable epoxy to coat the rooftop HVAC unit. We then applied a top coat of urethane for further protection, as the unit is continually exposed to the elements.
Our team coated the trash compactor for a commercial building complex for the Orange County Water District. This machine comes into regular contact with damaging materials, and it needed a protective coating to prevent corrosion and preserve structural integrity.

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Painters In Sydney Can Paint Your House To Allow It To Be Look Stupendous

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paintersEndeavor the Artwork onto the Canvas and Tracing – You can buy an inexpensive projection tracer at most craft or hobby stores. I use the Artograph Tracer JR. Opaque Art Projector that cost me around $30 (on sale). Use charcoal pencil or a thick pencil to trace the outline of the graphics onto the canvas surface.

At this stage in the process, you are prepared to fill all cracks that have appeared in the outside. The greatest material for this is a high-grade caulk with a great deal of flexibility, just. Filling these holes and cracks will supply a more lasting-finished look to your exterior. Most of the time that you’ll need to allow the caulk time to dry before beginning your Local House Painter Sydney painting job.

Another myth is that the supplies you purchase at the home improvement store are the same that the painters would use. Most painting contractors, don’t buy the affordable brushes and rollers you would likely purchase. They use professional grade materials to allow them to get a professional finish promptly. The quality of the equipment used by painting contractors, allows them to get a solid coat of paint on without the hassle of materials that are cheap. The paint that painting contractors, choose permits them to get the finish they want quickly.

Outdoor painting is a bit more difficult than your inside. So you have to leave it to the Outside Painting MA who understands how to approach every detail of the house painting. You need to hire the one who can certainly understand every of your demands and know how to place their best effort so that one can get the best look of the house ever while you are looking for the correct painting services.

Well trained professional house painters Auckland are normally connected with celebrated reputable firms. So the first thing that you should do would be to locate one. Hiring accredited workers may not be cheap but you are sure to get favorable results. Painter and Decorator Sydney only use quality stuff. Why? It is because they want to ensure that the paint will last for many years and to guarantee that your house will be restored to its glory. Your investment will not be in vain with the aid of Painter and Decorator Sydney from great companies. These workers are entire with the perfect gear and tools to get the job done in no time. Plus, they may be well experienced in performing residential and commercial painting occupations. You are going to certainly get satisfying results.

Always ask what type of warranties or guarantees are offered. Any reputable painting service will guarantee their work and some even provide warranties on the craftsmanship of their work. Other firms will offer to return for a limited time to repair anything which should go wrong after they’ve finished the endeavor.

How many times has your residential painters Sydney left a wreck on your front porch? How frequently to visual artists forget little details, like a frame around a photograph, a clean edge on a canvas, or an additional coat of varnish on a piece of pottery. Clean finishes make all the difference to sale-ability and the look of a piece of artwork.

You must always verify a contractor has been in operation. Just because a contractor has been in industry for 2 years does not mean they’re not as skilled as the contractor that has been in operation for 20 years, everybody has to start somewhere. What you desire to make certain is that you are not dealing with a contractor that moves around a lot, which can be an effort to skip out on honoring warranties. The specialists advocate merely employing contractors that have been in the place for a decade and that can offer a list of customers that are 25 pleased.

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Gillie and Marc Launches Statuesque Bronze Sculptures and Paintings

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modern-paintings-art-famous-wallpaper-4Encompasses a whole Range of Outre, Yet Contemporary Art Work to Spell the Minds

Australia, 12 September, 2012: Gillie and Marc launches statuesque and elegant bronze sculptures and portrait paintings, bifurcated from the conventional genre. It is the perfect marriage of content and style delivered in tasteful impression to the contemporary world. Over the years, it has been engaged in creating public sculptures and its instances of artworks are committed towards demonstrating a world full of abstract ideas and appeal.

Gillie and Marc is indebted to the idea that the world should enjoy sculptures and paintings, since it is a creative domain with scopes of depicting the world in a different light. Creating sculptures and displaying the range through exhibitions is undoubtedly an overwhelming contribution to the art world where public sculptures are manifested to represent unique community, whilst enabling the environment in a social and physical way.

Public art sculptures are regarded as the most impactful, rare and unique form of art. Big sculptures are the biggest challenge since they are hard to create but magnificent to display. As one knows, from Statue of liberty to the Spinx, all have been brilliant art forms, the trace of society, culture and status. The company has never dithered to push limits and transcend the horizons to come with something as unique as animal heads with human torsos. Each portrait painting art is the depiction of the regular life through eyes of animals. The ideas are extracted from daily routines to give a better insight into the world where life is so fulfilling.

About Company: the combined efforts of Gillie and Marc, husband and wife have given birth to what one sees today, that is Gillie and Marc. The statueque bronze sculptures and paintings have given an edge to its creative scopes that have attracted so many agog minds from round the world. The company boasts of its meticulous and fabulous art works that are integrated with graphic designs and advertising. Having experiences with The Black Dog Institute, the Smile Foundation and The Australian Red Cross Blood Service; Gillie and Marc has reached heights of success with its intense exhibitions and displays. Its team of portrait artists and sculptors are world-renowned for working on popular and unique subjects. A company with rare talents and pioneers like Gillie and Marc, the company is what one sees today.