Cleaning Floor Tiles A Look At The Process

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Cleaning Floor Tiles A Look At The Process

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Polished floor tiles can add a bit of glamour to the interiors of the room. However, just like carpet cleaning Brisbane there is a requirement to indulge in house cleaning activities at regular intervals.

Tiles are resistant to dirt but sand and grit have it in them to dull many a glazed surface.  Therefore, if there are plans to engage in tile cleaning Brisbane it is defiantly a great idea. However, it is a tag complicated and seeking professional help is the correct way to proceed. There are various mixtures, which can be used in the process. The first type can be a mixture of hot water, lemon juice and a vinegar solution. It is however essential to get the mixture right. Once prepared it is important to dip the mop into this solution and clean the floor.

Now this is not the only mixture that is doing the rounds. There are various solutions, which are equally capable of performing the job. In case, it is extremely dirty one can look to mix rubbing alcohol with hot water.  3/4th cup of rubbing alcohol with 1 ½ gallons of hot water is capable of washing many a stain, which otherwise would have been hard to remove. If there are super tough stains then one can look to use hydrogen peroxide and water. One must shake it well and spray it directly on the floor. It is capable of doing a perfect job.

The bathroom is a place, which remains wet quite often. Hence, there are bound to be watermarks on the tiles. Now if there are plans for cleaning bathroom tiles one must again seek professional help as it is only a mixture of hot water and chemical that can make the process easy and hassle free. Warm water with a bit of liquid dish soaping is good enough if the stains are within controllable limits. Now if there are darker patches then a bleach water solution will do the trick.

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