Gillie and Marc Launches Statuesque Bronze Sculptures and Paintings

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Gillie and Marc Launches Statuesque Bronze Sculptures and Paintings

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modern-paintings-art-famous-wallpaper-4Encompasses a whole Range of Outre, Yet Contemporary Art Work to Spell the Minds

Australia, 12 September, 2012: Gillie and Marc launches statuesque and elegant bronze sculptures and portrait paintings, bifurcated from the conventional genre. It is the perfect marriage of content and style delivered in tasteful impression to the contemporary world. Over the years, it has been engaged in creating public sculptures and its instances of artworks are committed towards demonstrating a world full of abstract ideas and appeal.

Gillie and Marc is indebted to the idea that the world should enjoy sculptures and paintings, since it is a creative domain with scopes of depicting the world in a different light. Creating sculptures and displaying the range through exhibitions is undoubtedly an overwhelming contribution to the art world where public sculptures are manifested to represent unique community, whilst enabling the environment in a social and physical way.

Public art sculptures are regarded as the most impactful, rare and unique form of art. Big sculptures are the biggest challenge since they are hard to create but magnificent to display. As one knows, from Statue of liberty to the Spinx, all have been brilliant art forms, the trace of society, culture and status. The company has never dithered to push limits and transcend the horizons to come with something as unique as animal heads with human torsos. Each portrait painting art is the depiction of the regular life through eyes of animals. The ideas are extracted from daily routines to give a better insight into the world where life is so fulfilling.

About Company: the combined efforts of Gillie and Marc, husband and wife have given birth to what one sees today, that is Gillie and Marc. The statueque bronze sculptures and paintings have given an edge to its creative scopes that have attracted so many agog minds from round the world. The company boasts of its meticulous and fabulous art works that are integrated with graphic designs and advertising. Having experiences with The Black Dog Institute, the Smile Foundation and The Australian Red Cross Blood Service; Gillie and Marc has reached heights of success with its intense exhibitions and displays. Its team of portrait artists and sculptors are world-renowned for working on popular and unique subjects. A company with rare talents and pioneers like Gillie and Marc, the company is what one sees today.

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