Great Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Great Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

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Nowadays, homeowners are looking for a home which is more energy efficient. Whether it is to save money on energy costs or if you are trying to help the earth by using less energy, a great way to accomplish your goals is to make small changes throughout your home that add up to big energy savings. Many of the minor changes are affordable and only take a few hours to accomplish. The pricier changes like installing light panels and tankless water heaters are probably too expensive for more people. However, a lot of things homeowners can do are very affordable. Your lighting methods in your home make a big difference in usage of energy. If you use aPiano light, it will provide soft lighting. A grand piano lamp is a great way to set the mood in a room, highlight a prized piece of furniture, and provide a soft glow that will be enough to illuminate a room for most tasks. Other ways of using subtle, energy efficient lighting is to install picture lighting to highlight art and small table lighting to provide localized illumination.

If you are looking for ways to keep sunlight out during the warmer months so the rooms stay cooler, should pass on expensive window installation in favor of thick, dark curtains. These window coverings offer protection against the suns UV rays and help keep the indoor temperature balanced. During the colder months when you need to heat the interior, you will still want sun shining in and you can open the curtains during daylight hours. However, in the evening, the window coverings will provide protection against drafty windows and warm air will stay inside. For an added layer of budget-friendly protection, install plastic sheets over the windows during winter months. Again, this block the drafts but the clear plastic still allows the sunlight into the room.

Those living in older homes will be faced with drafty areas other than the windows. You can seal these up in a variety of ways that are affordable and barely noticeable. You can use insulation foam which is easy to use for doors, floors and ceilings. It comes in in different colors and you can insert the foam into even the smallest of areas, blocking nearly every draft in your home. Many homeowners will put weather stripping around doorways as an added layer of protection. Since doors open and close, the stripping is a better option than the squirt foam. Both are small changes that are barely noticeable so they will not affect the style of the home and provides an energy efficiency home.

Instead of investing your savings on energy upgrades, or foregoing any changes because you can not afford these expensive options, look for ways you can make small changes without breaking the bank.

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