How The Manufacturing Belt?

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How The Manufacturing Belt?

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How The Manufacturing Belt Became Known As The Rust Belt And How It Is Slowly Making Its Comeback

The Rust Belt which has also been known as the Manufacturing Belt are various states in the Northeast, the Mid-Atlantic and the Upper Midwest. The Fox Valley area is located in this region where a Fox Valley handyman does his Fox Valley bathroom remodeling. This whole region got that name for the various types of manufacturing plants that were scattered particularly in the steel industry. A lot of this happened in Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana and norhtern sections of New York. The factories are located near rivers in the area. The term, Rust Belt became well known in the 1970’s when the industry had trouble and several factories were closed. Rusted gates are the only thing left from these factories.

This region became the main area for industry and manufacturing for it’s proximity to navigable waters and access to various resources. There was a big population boom that occurred bringing a lot of immigrants to these areas for work and using the rivers, lakes and the railroad helped to be perfect for shipping purposes. Life was good in these states that were part of this manufacturing belt.

Some of the problems started occurring when other countries like China were able to produce itmes for much less by paying their workers much lower pay . This produced enormous competition for the United States and we were not able to produce the same things for such a small amount as China could. This created outsourcing where businesses began to pay people in other countries to do the work for less than US workers could. The outsourcing work overseas have caused a loss of jobs for American workers.

Free trade has caused the factories to {struggle financially|have financial difficulties in this area. Companies in industry learned that steel could be made for a great deal less in 3rd world countries than in America so they started to get it from there rather than in this country. By getting the supplies through free trade from other countries it has totally changed the supply and demand factor. With little supply of steel here in America, there is little demand for it either and the cycle goes on to where we must rely on different countries for certain items. This too, has caused struggles on this region.

Many people have also been spreading out from the bigger metropolitan areas that are in this region like Chicago, Duluth, Philadelphia, Buffalo and Pittsburgh deciding to go out into the suburbs where it is more affordable than in these downtown areas. This has made less work and jobs in the cities and more opportunities out in the suburbs that have no relation to industry as it had always been before. This rust belt area has recently seen an increase in jobs since 2008 with some new industries coming in. They are dealing with biotechnology information technology and hydrogen cell development in addition to some other newer businesses. This has been a great boost for this area and the people here are hopeful that it will prosper again like it did prior to the 1970’s.

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