Interior Design Distance Education

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Interior Design Distance Education

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The best possible way to pursue a career in Interior Design parallel along with any other pursuit is through taking up a course through Interior Design Distance Education.  There are many courses available through distance education.  The significant characteristic of such courses lies in their limited scope for hands-on practical training.  There are however exceptions.  Pursuing a course through Interior Design Distance Educationis one such exception that provides extensive theoretical base coupled with practicalities of the profession.  The nature of such courses by themselves caters to more of hands-on practical knowledge that can translate into the professional field.  Therefore, the Interior Design Distance Education programs offered by institutions throughout the globe tend to be more popular among the mass.

It is however, the Certifications and Accreditations of the institutions offering such programs that are more dynamic.  An aspiring student mandatorily requires verifying the authenticity and global acceptance of Certifications and Accreditations offered by the institutions before pursuing an Interior Design Distance Education course with them.  A typical course on interior design through distance education should mandatorily cover the following aspects:

  • Introduction to interior design
  • Elements of design
  • Context of colour
  • Selecting a style
  • Lighting for illumination
  • Colour
  • Furniture
  • Flooring
  • Special treatments
  • Walls & Windows
  • The finishing touch

Essential Materials that would be and integral part of an aspiring student would include:

  • Pencils
  • Measuring tape
  • Graph, drawing pad and tracing paper
  • Masking tape
  • Knife set, Colour wheel Interior design colour illustrations
  • New Guide to Decorating – Textbook
  • Interior decorators’ source book
  • Fabric samples pack
  • ‘Speaking of Decor’ parts one to three
  • Interior Design Magazine
  • ‘Success with Decorating Clients’ #1 and #2 tapes

There have been instances of many professionals from other streams who have jumped into this stream to take the same as a full-time profession.  Most of such individuals prefer pursuing this course through distance education that provides a convenient platform for them to pursue other occupations in parallel.

One of the significant motivating factors for an individual to pursue Interior Design as a parallel occupation is its dynamic characteristic of core-competencies.  For example, one could specialize in home interior design as a special stream.  This can be specialized down to kitchen or living room design.  The beauty of this aspect is that individuals could specialize in any of these streams even through any distance education program as well as acquire significant opportunities for jobs.

One more significant part of an institution offering the Interior Design Distance Educationcourse, lies in its infrastructure facilities.  The basic elementary necessities include substantial amount of library books, contact class facilities, computer access etc.  A few of the leading institutions offering Interior Design courses through distance education include:

  • RHODEC International
  • Australian College of Interior Décor
  • Annamalai University , Tamilnadu , INDIA
  • Sheffield School of Interior Design

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