Is An Interior Decorating Career For You?

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Is An Interior Decorating Career For You?

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It is hard to turn on your television without finding a show about decorating. Decorating your house, your life, and your style are all top rated television themes on many channels.

With the abundance of people being forced to stay home thanks to higher gas prices and the focus on treating our planet better, an Interior Decorating Career could be a very good bet for your future.

With schools both local in your own community and ways to earn your degree on line, becoming a consultant or full fledged designer with a residential decorators firm are ways to make a rewarding career by help someone create a space to live in that will make them happy for years to come.If you have any interest in color theory, design concept, or art in any kind of form, interior design could be a great creative outlet for you and a great way to make money at the same time.

Most schools are going to offer a well rounded basic education in design theory and practice but many well known designers have developed their own style whether that is traditional, contemporary or just plain crazy. Basics will include textile knowledge, floor types, and paint styles and finishes just to name a few.

Imagine the many ways you could make this interior decorating career choice work for you. You could become a home stylist to the stars, or to the very wealthy. You could take work all over the world – design homes in France or Switzerland as well as New York, Dallas or Los Angeles.

However you envision your new interior decorating career, it is not the easiest of jobs to get into. There is much study and even harder work once you are out of school because it is a highly competitive field. You must pass the National Council for Interior Design Qualification exam to be registered or to obtain a license to practice an interior decorating career.

A school or design university should also give you a good base of skill sets in order to turn your interior decorating career into a successful one by teaching you how to interview with a design firm or set up shop on your own and become a qualified interior design consultant.

No matter which type of school or style of education you use, this career choice can be a rewarding one.

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