Is Restaurant Interior Design The Most Important Aspect?

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Is Restaurant Interior Design The Most Important Aspect?

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Restaurant interior design can make or break an eating establishment. There is a theory and proven practice to the way restaurants are decorated that help the customer stay longer, spend more and come back for more.

The overall layout of the restaurant interior design from the japanese kitchen london to the dining room and bathrooms can influence the customers and staff on a subconscious level.

One very helpful tool to help the restaurant interior design team to develop a plan that will make the owner see his or her dream come to life and make the customer base enjoy their time in the facility is a 3D computer program.Take a look at your favorite local eatery, does the kitchen flow to the dining area or is it completely cut off from the customers? Are the restrooms just as luxurious as the dining area, or are they dingy and broken down?

A decorator editor 3D can be used to show a pre – design by computer. This allows for quick changes to color and shapes without having to build scale models.

Maybe the Japanese restaurant wants a large aquarium or two, with the editor, the team can play around with placement to find the best locations that won’t remind the customers what they might be eating, yet can instill a relaxing element to the dining experience.

Perhaps the Italian restaurant wants some old world restaurant interior design themes such as stucco walls and fresco ceilings. Again, this software makes it easy for the team to show the owner what his or her space will look like when they are done.

Other restaurant interior design elements that have become popular over the years are designed for the whole entertainment experience. Planet Hollywood and The Hard Rock Cafe are prime examples of this. Bright lights and memorabilia are the common theme here, but there are other children’s restaurants that also offer the same type of elements put to a child’s size and interests. Pizza and arcade style games are popular forms of entertainment dining for kids.

No matter whether the restaurant interior design is aimed at a fine high end dining experience, or the neighborhood hang out type of eatery, getting the restaurant interior design to match and flow is important.

From the big stuff like layout and floor plan to the smaller details like silver ware and the color and texture of the napkins, nothing will keep customers coming back if they don’t enjoy being in the building in the first place.

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