Oriental Design Styles

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Oriental Design Styles

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In its purest form, the exotic Oriental design style provides a tranquil background to a busy life and, with its minimalist methods, offers a highly fashionable style. Collecting can provide a wonderful excuse to visit some of the most beautiful parts of the world or even prompt a trip to a local Chinatown.

A flooring of jute, sisal or coir makes an excellent background for oriental artifacts. Either fit the material to close cover or make up as an area rug on a wooden floor.

An old, hand-carved fretwork door makes an interesting and practical coffee table when supported on four sturdy brown jars and covered with a sheet of glass.

A folding fretwork screen, fixed to the wall, forms a highly decorative bed head.

Pinoleum and cane blinds are a solution to window dressing. Their natural construction and tailored finish make them a perfect choice.

Large metal tea caddies and ceramic ginger jars, when converted, make excellent table lamps. Any lanterns with an oriental feel to them would also be suitable. If you are on a tight budget, a large round paper lantern can be purchased for very little money.

A ceiling fan (perhaps one that incorporates a light) is very evocative of the East and will be especially welcome on hot summer days.

Typical oriental blue-and-white china in the form of plates, jars, bowls and vases is widely available. For impact buy big and group closely together on top of a piece of furniture in the eighteenth-century manner.

Garden centers sell all manner of garden pots imported from the East. Bring these indoors and arrange differing sizes and shapes together. A tall one might even be used as an umbrella stand.

The most beautiful kites in the world come from the Orient. Created from fabric or paper in all shapes and sizes, these make a colorful statement when attached to a wall or hung from a ceiling – an especially suitable form of decoration for a child’s bedroom or playroom.

A collection of coolie hats takes on a highly decorative quality if hung on a wall in a group. Focused lighting will bring their textures to life.

The kimono is a beautiful garment. Displayed on a wall (say, above a stairway) and supported by a bamboo pole through the arms, this can bring color to an otherwise dead area.

A mosquito net with ring support, available from some chain stores or holiday resorts, can be used as a delicate and inexpensive drape for a bed. Simply fix it to a hook attached to the ceiling above the bed.

Orchids and bird-of-paradise flowers have the necessary delicacy and sculptural profile to qualify for this theme. Blossoms also are characteristic. Whatever blooms are selected, they should be arranged carefully with great dedication and artistry.

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