The Different Ways To Have Your Picture Painted

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The Different Ways To Have Your Picture Painted

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paintingWhen people think about having a piece of art done of themselves they usually think of the traditional types of pictures. However, nowadays there is more than one type of portrait artist and the portrait painting are now being made out of lots of different kinds of materials. Contemporary works of art in a more whimsical and less realistic way. The famous type of art work depicts an individual in a way the artist wants to portray. The traditional type uses oil paints, that are very much like the ones they did centuries ago. And, the photograph style has just recently become popular and it shows the most realistic picture of the person. Below is a few of the ways people can have pictures of themselves, their loved ones, or famous people painted by a professional:

1. The more modern type of art. For example, this type would include caricatures of one person or two or greater than two persons. Caricatures have become trendy recently because they are fun and whimsical. Another way a picture of oneself can be contemporary is by the use of unrealistic colors. For instance, some have their skin painted a light blue or a light pink, instead of the traditional beige color, so they can show their emotions or their personality better.

2. The famous people type of replica pictures. Today, you and a professional in a collaborative effort may design a picture of yourself like the ones that celebrities do. Celebrities are almost always pictured in the type of style that they are known to wear all the time or have something in the background that shows why they are famous. You may have the painter create your photo to have something that you are “famous” for in the background, for example.

3. The traditional, oil paint kind of artwork. When most individuals think of pictures done of themselves or others, this is the type they think of. This is usually a pretty realistic work which uses colors that would be normal for people. This type of work has been used since the 1300s and it became increasingly mundane when royalty started having their pictures painted.

4. The photography piece of artwork. This is a type of contemporary kind of self- picture. The nice thing about this type of work is that you could decide to have the picture done in black and white for a more dramatic affect or in color for a real look. Many American high school seniors have these types of photos taken for the famous “senior pictures” to put in the yearbook and for the parents to have to celebrate a milestone in the young person’s life.

All of these types of work, could turn out to be beautiful as long as you hire talented painters Auckland to get the job done. Every individual should pick a type of art that reflects their taste and what they would like to be remembered for. This piece of art will almost always be around for many, many years, so you should be sure it is something that you like and that it is something you want everyone to see, as it will most likely be on display for all guests to see.

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