The New Face of the Professional Home Cleaning Service Industry

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The New Face of the Professional Home Cleaning Service Industry

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slidewindowsThe past 15 years was the time that brought a lot of change and development in the industry of providing professional home cleaning services. This is definitely one of the most viable opportunities for people who are determined to be successful by building businesses.

One thing that proves this is the new generation of entrepreneurs: People in their 20’s that you wouldn’t expect to be drawn into the cleaning industry.

New owners include the manager of Sparkling Places, Amy Boggs who is from Portland, Oregon. Amy is beautiful, smart, and young. People who are not familiar with her and the industry she is working in might wonder why she, who has a lot of potential in other fields, would choose cleaning houses as her livelihood.

The phrase ‘it’s all that I can do’ is not anymore the sole reason why individuals enter the industry of providing cleaning services. Being an owner or an employee of a professional carpet cleaning Auckland business is gradually becoming a popular career choice among young adults.

This is because even as a cleaning service tech, you could potentially earn $15 per hour making it a great option for several entry-level jobseekers. The wages for a tech in this industry is more than the wages anyone could get from working as a fast food service crew.

That’s the reason why Amy chose to work in this field. The story of Amy began when she was still a biology major student. She has found out that going to college is quite expensive and so she decided to clean the homes of some of her friends.

It didn’t take long before she became more attached to the industry. She realized that it was a viable business model so she decided to launch a full-fledged home cleaning service to grow and provide opportunity to others.

While managing her business, she saw a void in the future business model of professional home cleaning services – truly sustainable companies.

She had a vision and that is to develop her own business model that considers environmental impact and the benefits people who work in the cleaning industry.

The product of her vision is now being shared by many other cleaning business owners. Amy consistently interacts with peers in her industry and her commitment to improve her company and the industry itself is quite evident as she always participates in window cleaning services Sydney events and opportunities.

Surely, Amy will leave her mark on the industry as well as on the planet. In her own way, she has made this world a better place by spreading her ideas and providing opportunities to many.

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