Theaters Limo Service

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Theaters Limo Service

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Toronto’s Operetta Theater was founded in 1985 and has featured many classical Canadian artists. The Buddies in Bad Times Theater is a gay and lesbian company located in Toronto and is doing a thriving business with plays and theatrical works from the gay and lesbian community. Theater Passé Muraille consists of two stages, one is probably the smallest in Toronto, and has existed for over 30 years and has a cutting edge theatrical season year after year. The Canon Theatre was billed as one of the best vaudeville theaters in the 1920s has changed along with its players to become one of the premiere theaters of Toronto. The Factory Theatre began in 1970 produce an unusual and unique works from local artists; this 2000 seat theater was built by a father and son duo. These are just some of the local theaters that make up the Toronto “Broadway” that boasts popular plays and some concerts for the residents of Toronto.

In order to get to the Toronto Broadway theaters in style, it would be best to take theaters limo service which would take you directly to the front door without having to worry about parking or walking in the cold winter season. You will ride in style in a long limousine to the theater where you will be dropped off in the front, where the driver will open your door for you and you can go right in if you have your tickets or go to call waiting if you need to pick up your tickets. And the driver will either wait for you or come back for you at the end of the theater performance. The driver will again open the door for you as you enter into the warm cocoon of the limousine.

Taking a theater limousine will allow you extra time to get ready and allow you to arrive in style just like they do on Broadway in New York. Taking a theater limousine to a theater performance is good for the theater business because it shows you’re smart by not having to find a place to park, and not wanting to walk in the bitter cold. Toronto can be very cold during the theater season.

You can get a group of your friends together, for either a matinee or an evening performance, and take a limousine to the theater, each of you chipping in to pay the costs so you don’t have to pay for parking, you don’t have to worry about where you parked, no one has to remember where the car is and afterwards you can go out for a nightcap and no one has to worry about who the designated driver is, everyone can enjoy a drink or two if they wish. That is the beauty of having a theater limo service Melbourne takes you to the theater.

An evening out which includes the theater for just two people in a limousine is very romantic in any gal would be most appreciative of a gesture like that. If you set up a limousine to take you out on the town to dinner before an evening of theater that sounds like the perfect evening for someone who enjoys the theater. And in the Toronto Broadway theater district there are many places to choose from and many plays to choose from.

Having people show up at the theater in limousines shows class and style and keeps the attention of the theater being a sophisticated and smart place alive and well. Just as in the olden days when people with be dropped off in their large buggies for large cars by a driver, today being dropped off by a driver of a limousine keeps this mystique alive in the theater district in Toronto.

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